Rumors of Ford in the Process of Creating New EVs

According to sources inside Ford, an article on Autonews says the company has been planning to work on more models of Electric Vehicles. According to the website:

“Three sources with knowledge of Ford’s plans say scheduled production of the vehicles, code-named CDX746 and CDX747, was moved to the Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan from Cuautitlan, Mexico. The vehicles are similar in size to the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus but will be built on the company’s battery-electric vehicle platform”

After the unveiling of the electric F-150, which might come to the market only in 2021, Ford will probably invest in more electric SUVs. The company said it wants to spend $11 billion on the matter. They said with that money 40 new plug-in and hybrids will be built. Sixteen of them will be all-electric.

Ford has also made a deal with one of the emerging names of the market, Rivian. This union will most likely give birth to another electric SUV, but no more information is available on the matter.

While the carmaker didn’t confirm any of the rumors, the cars will probably come to the public’s eye in 2022 or even 2023. This will put them way behind on the line of EV creators.

What are your expectations on Ford producing EVs?

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