New Software Update Coming to Tesla Vehicles

Tesla just announced a new software update on its Models S and X. The latest version includes a new adaptive suspension which improves on ride comfort and media volume.

The carmaker announced on the release notes:

“Ride comfort is improved for high-speed driving. Both Standard and Sport modes now have updated suspension damping algorithms to adapt better at speeds above 160 km/h (100 mph). To adjust Adaptive Suspension Damping tap Controls > Suspension. As always, please drive responsibly.”

The suspension, which was expected to be updated, also received some attention on the letter:

“We’ve also upgraded our air suspension system for Model S and Model X with fully-adaptive damping, giving it an ultra-cushioned feel when cruising on the highway or using Autopilot, and responsive, exhilarating confidence during dynamic driving.”

The version of the update is the 2019.28.3.1, and it might also include Tesla’s chess game for customers who didn’t have it yet.

The update is the first in a while that was not aimed for Model 3 vehicles.

Here is what Tesla had to say on media volume:

“To make it easier to speak when dropping off or picking up passengers, the music volume will be lowered when any door is opened. Additionally, while your phone is paired to Bluetooth media, the audio volume will match the vehicle’s volume level regardless of your phone volume settings.”

The update comes to Tesla’s Model S and X that were sold recently.

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