Mercedes Finally Reveals the EQV

The new all-electric vehicle by Mercedes Benz is a mini-van, also known as the EQV. Here are its specs and looks.

The electric mini-van by the German carmaker finally had pictures revealed and it has everything to do well on the Market.

Images reveal a generous inside space since the battery of the car is located on the floor. With that, the disposition of seats can be better and different from what is usually seen on vehicles such as the EQV.

The carmaker stated:

“In the private sphere, for example, families benefit from a multitude of seating configurations as well as a good conscience from producing zero local emissions. Six individual seats, on the other hand, turn the Mercedes-Benz EQV into a representative shuttle vehicle that meets all of the requirements for the high-quality transportation of people with a comfortable and particularly quiet driving experience. The flexible installation of individual or bench seats also allows the EQV to be converted into a 7- or even an 8-seater.”

Mercedes EQV presents a 100kWh battery, where according to the company, only 90kWh will be available for use. It will feed the car on a 250-mile range trip with only one charge. Using the fast charger the battery can go from 10% to 80% in around 45 minutes.

The motor will be able to make the EV reach a top speed of 99mph since its power is a 150kW.

Here are some images of the Mercedes EQV. Official dates and prices were not revealed.

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