Teslastics Releases a New App to Keep Track of the Use of Your Tesla and Its Settings  

On the new app by Teslastics, you can access your Tesla Vehicle settings and keep track of the performance of the car.

It is not the first app ever launched to follow the features, but according to an Electrek report, the new one seems to be safer when it comes to providing information to the app.

The developer of the app, Marc Pujol, told the website that “when users provide their Tesla Account email and password, the app generates a token and only the token is saved, not the credentials. That’s the easiest way to sign up with Teslastics, but if users know how to generate their own token, they can also supply it, and Teslastics will never have your login information.”

On a conversation via email, Fred Lambert from Electrek also stated some issues that the app might have, such as Vampire Drain, to which the company answered:

“Vampire drain is caused if some service is always polling the car so it can’t go to sleep. To prevent that, we poll the car this way: We poll the car every 30 seconds while driving or every 2 minutes while charging. After that, we just keep polling for about 30 minutes (to catch the following drive if you stopped for a drink, for example). After that period, Teslastics stops polling the car for about 12 minutes to let the car go to sleep. It repeats that again and again until the car goes to sleep, or it starts driving/charging again. Once sleeping, Teslastics will never wake up the car. It will only be checking twice a minute if it is still sleeping or not.”

You can check the whole report by Fred Lambert, analyzing his own Tesla Model 3, Vehicle here.


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