Rivian Registers a Patent on Brake Pads

Rivian has just registered the patent application that will be working on the monitoring of its brake systems.

The called “Methods, Systems, and Media for Non-Contact Brake Pad Wear Determination” works as a method of estimating the amount of usage on each break.

Through a computer algorithm description and after a calculation, the information will be available to drivers on the screens of Rivian Trucks. This is what the company said about what can you do with the info provided:

“Current approaches for determining brake pad wear…tend to merely indicate when brake pads are fully worn. For example, using a brake pad indicator that causes it to squeal when the indicator contacts the brake disc or that causes an indication on a dashboard of the vehicle to be presented. It may be useful for a driver to know a current wear condition of the brake pads before the brake pads are fully worn, for example, to plan for vehicle maintenance. However, it can be difficult to determine current wear of the brake pads.”

The software can calculate how hard the driver can be on the pedal and applying the tech it will most likely reduce the mileage left before looking for a replacement part.

“In some embodiments, the method further comprises associating a braking profile with an operator of the vehicle, wherein the indication of the wear amount of the brake pad includes a number of miles until the brake pad requires replacement that is estimated based on the associated braking profile,” said Rivian.

What are your expectations for the Rivian Trucks coming soon to the market? All these features and unique techs are a good attractive for potential customers?


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