Monterey Car Week Will Recieve the Pinifarina Battista

The event will be the debut in North American territory for the Italian hypercar. The presentation of the car will happen at Pebble Beach, and it will also present other lines of the classics of Pinifarina.

At Pebble Beach, Pininfarina’s CEO Michael Perschke will share a talk with designer director Luca Borgono, and together they will tip on the future of the company:
“We are excited to be back in Pebble Beach at the House of Automobili Pininfarina. We will celebrate the breath-taking design heritage of Pininfarina while presenting our PURA Vision – a design model that shows how Automobili Pininfarina will channel historic inspiration into a vision of the future of automotive luxury.” Michael said.

The PURA Vision is the design model that define the company’s future design language.

Following the schedule, Battista is supposed to make a short drive to the House of Automobili Pininfarina. Starting on August, 15th, the drivers will have to stay with their vehicle on a four-hour circular route, beginning at 1 pm.

The numbers of the Battista expected by the end of 2020 reaches 120 vehicles around the world, with 50 on Europe, 50 in the Middle East/Asia and 20 in North America, costing 2 million euro.

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