Tesla is Using Megapacks to Storage Energy

With a higher energy density, Tesla’s Megapack banks usually take 40% less space compared to the storage packs built with Powerpacks.

In comparison, Tesla’s largest commercial battery-storage uses more than 600 Powerpacksto operate the 129 megawatt-hour installation in Hornsdale, South Australia. If the same place worked with Megapacks, it would just use 43 Megapacks.

Not only saves more space, but the Megapacks generate up to 1 gigawatt of energy.

It also can save energy from sources like solar panels or even from windmills, optimizing the use of the Megapacks, which will provide power on days where weather conditions do not help other sources of energy, like the ones described.

Roy Kuga, the vice president of Grid Integration and Innovation at PG&E

“Recent decreases in battery prices are enabling energy storage to become a competitive alternative to traditional solutions. As a result, we believe that battery energy storage will be even more significant in enhancing overall grid reliability, integrating renewables, and helping customers save energy and money.”

Tesla will use this tech to power Silicon Valley, which had problems with blackouts recently.


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