A 5,600 Dollars Kit Can Turn Your Regular Vehicle into an EV

A European startup called Transition-One has been working on an affordable kit that can turn your regular car into an EV. But how does it work?

Even though the French startup does not have a factory, they already developed a process to transform popular European cars into cleaner versions. Transition-One bolts an electric motor directly to an existing gearbox and the charge port is installed where usually the fuel is stored.

While the company doesn’t have its factory, the switching is only approved individually, but according to a report on Digital Trends, it only takes a day to do it.

The website report exampled one switch:
“A 2009 Renault Twingo with Transition-One’s conversion kit boasts a range of 180 kilometers (112 miles) per charge, according to Bloomberg. Renault’s own Zoe electric car has a range of 210 kilometers (130 miles), but it’s more expensive. Five small battery packs are distributed throughout the Twingo, including three under the hood and two where the fuel tank used to be. The packs are sourced from a Tesla parts reseller.”

This alternative is pretty nice for those who can not afford an EV right now, or even don’t wanna the current model of their vehicle they use and like.

Transition- One has been only working on Europe so far, but let’s keep an eye if they soon come to America.


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