Taycan Will Not Have an 350kW Charge Option at Launch

Porsche just revealed plans for the charge of their new vehicle, the Taycan.

The company said that the Taycan will have 250 kW charging at launch. On the following year, 2021, the charging can even go up to 350 kW.

Porsche said to Car magazine:
“The base Taycan is rear-drive only, sports an 80kWh battery and is powered by choice of 322bhp or 376bhp motors. The next model up, which for now we believe will be badged Carrera 4S, is equipped with a 96kWh battery pack and offers 429bhp or 483bhp. The top model will cost perhaps £120,000.”

This revelation seems like a not positive surprise since the feature of the 350 kW charging would be a game-changing on the market when launched.

Right now, we already have Teslas being charged with 250kW power and Elon Musk’s company basically runs the market. Let’s see how Porsche will develop the new charger to its customers.


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