Meet the New Lotus Evija – The World Most Powerful Car

The World Most Powerful Car is the new car by Lotus, the Evija. It brings more competition on the market of electric vehicles, such as Pininfarina or even Ferraris.

With production scheduled to start next year, Lotus will only make 130 Evijas, with a cost of 1.86 million dollars at start.

The specs of the brand new Lotus bring some amazing features: Four electric motors, one to each wheel, will generate 1,972 of horsepower on its engines. The top speed can reach over 200 mph and can go from 0 to 60 miles per in less than 3 seconds.

According to the company, on a single charge, the Evija will have a 250-mile range. The charge time, when filling 100% of the battery will only take 18 minutes, while 80% will be in only twelve. Lotus also plans that when 800kW charging becomes available, a full charge will take nine minutes.

The futuristic look on the vehicle is very promising. Even though the company is not going to offer a lot of unities of Evija, it will be fun to see different kinds of hypercars running around cities.

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