Solaris Shipping 250 All-ELectric Buses to Milan

With the plan to end Diesel-Fueled Buses in a decade, Milan will start receiving all-electric buses in 2020.

On a 216 million dollar agreement contract with Solaris, the Italian city will receive 250 electric buses, starting on June next Year. By then, they will receive 40 vehicles.

The model is of the Electric Vehicle is the Urbino 12, which according to the company, operates already in 17 different European countries.

The bus is 12-meter wide, and it has a 240 kWh battery. Solaris says it can fit a total of 82 people, which out of this total, 26 could seat.

This is one of the most significant orders on Europe of EVs. Even more special being a public transportation vehicle, which will facilitate Milan’s plan to reach the goal set to 2030.

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