Ford and VW Sharing the Same Electric Car Platform

As announced early this year, Ford and VW would be working together on sharing their platforms and even technologies to bigger vehicles from both companies.

Now Volkswagen, who has been growing at significant steps on the EV market, was questioned at the time if it new MEB architecture would be shared. The answer of the German company’s CEO was very ambiguous. He could’ve been talking about the platform or the MEB.
“We are in a constructive open dialog to leverage the technology.” said Herbert Diess, the CEO.

At the statement, Diess also said that this tech would be more viable to the European and Chinese market.

Today, an arstechnica article pointed out that an unknown source told Reuters that Volks would share the MEB with Ford. This collaboration, according to the source, will also develop an autonomous driving Technology.

After the partnership with startup Aurora ended, VW is now free to work with other companies. And an alliance with Ford shows a strong bond and an exciting way to improve technology since VW seems to be investing more on EVs and Ford was one of the first to work with Hybrids.

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