With the Growth of EVs, London Wants to Instal more Charge Points

The growth of EVs in European towns has been an important issue in the past few years. But still, many obstacles are preventing more citizens from owning an EV. Among one of them, is the issue with charging the vehicles.

The main source of fuel is still gasoline, so it is clear that gas stations are still dominant in the market. To stimulate a shift in the city of London, the mayor, Sadiq Khan, wants to put as many EV charge points in the city by 2025, with an estimated number of 50,000.

As the mayor himself stated, this could be the start of “an electric vehicle revolution.”

By the end of 2020, Transport for London (TfL) wants to have 300 rapid charge points installed. Along with that, the city plans to have way more infrastructure ready in the next five years.

The main goal is to have a no pollution emission city by 2030. This dream, if built correctly and with serious commitment from the government, can be the first example to other great cities around the world.


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