Everything We Know so Far About the Design of UberAir

The air taxi service has been on Uber’s agenda for the past few years. Planning on bringing massive changes in what is known on car rides, the company wants to use its new products in short distances. The autonomous vehicle will have its first tests in 2020, with launching preview to three years later than that, 2023.

Now, Uber has revealed the interior design on its new vehicle, and it sure does look like we are about to live in the future. The aircraft will look a lot like a fancy helicopter, with capacity for a maximum of 4 people.

Uber wants the simple look, of two rows with two on two seats and not much space beyond the luggage gap to become very accepted and turn it to a standard of products. Especially on the eVTOL (Electric vertical take off and landing) market.

The aircraft represents the exact idea of future and the revolution happening, quite fast, inside the car and rides business. But that is a long road, and we’re still in the very beginning. Slow baby steps would be the correct posture to take in new technologies upcoming recently, so no one ends up hurt on new scenarios.


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