The New Lotus Type 130 Just Got A New Exciting Teaser

If you are one of the passengers of the electric car hype for long, you must know that the first Tesla Roadster. The car that is already a legend was made on top of a Lotus Elise chassis.

Lotus just announced that was working in a new electric car last month. Type 130 is going to be the first British full electric car to be released to the public. The manufacturer is aiming the lunch anytime next year.

“Following first confirmation of the project in April at the Shanghai International Auto Show, several hundred potential owners have come forward to express their interest in the new car. Today, the company announces that a maximum of just 130 examples will be available to own – representing the number of Lotus ‘Types’ introduced during the brand’s 71-year history.

Lotus also confirms today that Type 130 will be built at Hethel in Norfolk, the brand’s headquarters since 1966.

Type 130 will be the most dynamically accomplished road car in the company’s history, continuing a bloodline rich in firsts and technical game-changers in automotive and motorsport.”

Check out the teaser below. It does look like a cool car, but only time will tell.

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