Tesla Needs To Play Catch Up, Says Elon Musk In Leaked E-mail

In a leaked e-mail to its employees, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, says that this quarter has a strong demand, but to achieve a record quarter they have “a lot of catching up” to do.

Last week, Electrek reported Elon Musk sending messages to employees stating that the company is in reach of a record quarter in deliveries, but for that, they would need to increase production.

In the same leak, the CEO address some costs issues. ““We also need to address the total cost of getting a car from our factory to the customer. Last quarter, there were many expedites fees and routing inefficiencies that led to higher than expected delivery costs. This makes it much harder for to* break even.”*

Tesla’s best quarter was Q4 2018. A total of 90,700 cars were delivered by the company.

Source: Electrek

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