Tesla to produce more cars in next six months than in entire year of 2016

Tesla’s production ramp-up has been going quite well according to their newest quarter press release, published 7/3/2016.
While increasing their production up 20% from first quarter, and 60% from fourth qarter 2015 Tesla has failed it’s stated goal of reaching 2,000 vehicles per week, 11.9 cars each hour or a new car every five minutes!
What’s more surprising is on the delivery side, as their stated goal of 17000 cars delivered fell short of just over 18%, and is already fueling speculations of overproduction on various anti-Tesla blogs, and we at The Next Avenue, would like to remind you that all speculations are completely baseless at this point. Teslas delivery numbers have very rarely been strongly correlated with production numbers per quarter.
What’s more exciting is that Tesla expects not only to output 2,200 vehicles per week in Q3 and 2,400 vehicles per week in Q4, but to produce more than 50.000 vehicles(equal to the amount they produced the ENTIRE year of 2015) in just six months.
The full press release can be read here.

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