Electric cars lead the market in the European Union

New electric battery vehicle sales surpassed diesel car purchases in Europe for the first time last month. In June, the market share of electric battery cars rose to 15.1% in the European Union, with over 158,000 units sold. This increase was mainly driven by sales records in Germany, France and the Netherlands, which had an increase of more than 50% in electric vehicle sales.

The automotive industry and consumers are increasingly looking for alternatives to fossil fuel-powered vehicles. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change, the heat wave that has hit much of Europe this month has heightened concerns about the impact of global warming on the planet. Although gasoline is still the most common type of fuel used in new cars, with a market share of 36.3%, electric vehicles are consolidating themselves as an increasingly popular option, representing a market share of 15.1% in the European Union.

The reopening of economies after the restrictions and lockdowns imposed during the coronavirus pandemic has brought challenges for the automotive industry due to supply chain disruptions and inflation. However, the 17.8% growth in the EU automotive market in June indicates a recovery of the industry, even with a low comparative base from the previous year, mainly due to the shortage of vehicle components.

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