VIDEO: Ford F-150 and Mustang Mach-e Frolicking in the Snow

Tis the season for electric vehicle winter testing. In a new video posted by the Ford Motor Company Facebook page, we witness the upcoming Ford Mustang Mach-e frolicking in the snow with the unexpected F-150 Electric prototype.

According to the company, the pickup seen in the video is in fact and F-150 Electric prototype. In all honestly there’s no way to confirm it isn’t just a gas powered F-150, but we’ll take the automakers word for it.

As with any vehicle, driving in the snow requires the right type of tires. Driving in the snow with an electric vehicle is no different. Most electric vehicles offer dual-motor all-wheel drive, even furthering the advantage of winter driving in electric vehicles. With the instant torque and advanced traction control systems seen in most EVs, they’ve got you covered on icy roads.

Several electric pickup trucks are making their way to the market in the U.S. but as of now there are none currently available. From what we’ve seen and read, we’re expecting the Rivian R1T will to market first, tailed by the Tesla Cybertruck. The Ford F-150 Electric has been slated for a market launch in 2022 but the Mustang Mach-e is available now with units on delivery carriers in the U.S. already.

Check out the two EVs first snow day in the video below:

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