Russia’s City Car with Great Performance and a Steering Wheel Screen

From Russia comes a new electric proposal that has just been officially presented during the VII annual national exhibition VUZPROMEXPO-2020; this electric car was developed by KAMAZ PTC and the Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU).

Based on the federal initiative for Research and development in priority areas of development of the Russian scientific and technological complex for 2014-2020, Kamaz has developed a proposal for an urban electric vehicle with the ADAS level 3-4 system.

The work that has led to the creation of this proposal began in December 2018. In the project implementation, a digital twin was created. An experimental sample of a small urban electric car was manufactured in the shortest possible time for the automotive standards, taking just two years.

This is an outstanding result of the comprehensive cooperation between KAMAZ and SPbPU for the Russian high-tech industry, demonstrating the effectiveness of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science programs in creating a competitive applied research sector and supporting specific developments and products in priority technology areas for the Russian economy.

The small electric car features a level 3 ADAS intelligent driver assistance system. The KAMA-1 is a compact three-door, four-seat smart crossover developed by current mobility and transportation markets.

The Russian electric car’s dimensions are 3.6 m in length, 1.7 m in width, and has a height of 1.6 m. The ground clearance is 160mm. The electric car is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 33 kWh and an 80 kW electric motor, which allows it to reach speeds of up to 93 MPH and travel up to 155 miles without recharging.

Amazing acceleration for a low cost

The battery’s full charge speed in normal mode is 6 hours, allowing fast charging of 50 kW that reduces the standby time to just 20 minutes. The acceleration from 0 to 62MPH of this electric urban planner stops the stopwatch in only 6.7 seconds.

This car is proposed as an economical option for the city day without giving up brilliant performance or a reasonably rich endowment for its category. The Russian vehicle has front and rear Led headlights.

The interior of the KAMA-1 stands out for its infotainment system, with a 9-inch monitor integrated into the steering wheel. It has a level 3 driver assistance system, although in Europe you can only use level 2.

The Russian electric car is compact and square, similar to the electric Fiat 500. The seats are leather and have touch controls to open the trunk and hood.

The electric car is developed based on “digital twins” technology. This technology makes it possible to carry out virtual tests and configurations of the vehicle, simulate and measure any of its indicators in various conditions of the life cycle, with a detailed consideration of the characteristics of the materials and parts of the technological processes.

At the moment, nothing is known about the price of this proposal, but Kamaz assures that the electric car is in the state of an industrial pre-production model. However, it reports that it has passed the tests and all the necessary certifications.

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