Porsche Panamera will be 100% Electric

The newly launched Taycan has quickly become one of Porsche’s biggest bestsellers of late. The first electric car of the German brand, located in the E segment (executive saloons), is having such a strong demand that Porsche has been forced to recruit 400 Audi workers to reinforce its production lines.

In the short term, Porsche is slated to launch in Europe and North America an entry version (which is currently sold exclusively in China) below the Taycan 4S, as well as a crossover variant, which will be called Taycan Cross Turismo (Also the possible launch of a Sport Turismo family body is not ruled out).

All these additions will only reinforce the strong demand for a car that a second electric model will accompany next year: the second-generation Macan, which will completely renounce combustion engines (although the previous model will coexist during the time with him), giving a substantial boost to the brand’s electrification plans.

At the time, Porsche also confirmed that it was studying the possibility of converting the 718 (Cayman/Boxster) two-seater sports car into an electric model for its next incarnation. The German firm has made it known that it is considering fully electrifying its range of vehicles by 2030, except for the mythical 911, which for the moment, will have to settle exclusively for a plug-in hybrid version. This would mean that, in addition to the Macan, Taycan, and 718, the Cayenne and Panamera could become electric models.

According to the information handled by some German media, the third generation Panamera will be an electric model derived from the Audi “Landjet” (A9 e-Tron), which is currently being developed by the newly created Artemis division, which has access to all the resources of the powerful Volkswagen Group.

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