Electric Cars with Up to 100 kWh and More than 400 Miles of Autonomy

The French Group PSA has confirmed that from 2023 it will start to launch its electric cars using the new modular platform eVMP. A base specifically designed for this type of vehicle will be an excellent bet for the French conglomerate.

As we recall, PSA currently has two modular platforms: the CMP, for small cars, and the EMP2, aimed at medium and large vehicles. The first platform has a version adapted for electric cars (eCMP) used by the current Peugeot e208, Opel Corsa, and company. In contrast, the second for the moment only supports plug-in hybrid motors, not 100% electric that will become part of the new bases.

The new eVMP will host proposals with batteries between 60 and 100 kWh that will be housed in an optimized architecture that will use all the available space in the underside of the vehicle without having to sacrifice cargo or occupant space.

By managing to store 50 kWh per meter available between the wheels, this platform wants to position itself as a benchmark in the electric car market. It will thus be able to offer a range of around 400 miles, depending on the model.

For PSA, the efficiency of eVMP lies in optimizing R&D and industrialization costs. This optimization is achieved by using different subsets and existing battery modules. Regarding the industrial process, it has been studied to obtain the maximum synergies with the existing means in our factories, which will limit investments. In a logic of scale of the electrical components, this platform completes the components already developed and manufactured within Groupe PSA or through its JV e-motors or ACC.

“With this eVMP platform, the PSA Group demonstrates, once again, its ability to innovate by developing leading and accessible technologies for its clients, thanks to a development that has significantly reduced R&D expenses and industrial investments. This global platform will allow us to offer perfectly environmentally friendly vehicles that respond to the evolution of our customers’ expectations and that guarantee driving pleasure and safety on board, values ​​that today underpin the Group’s image throughout the world ” declared Nicolas Morel, director of Research and Development of Groupe PSA.

After the arrival of eVMP, the French Group will launch a second platform for which it has not yet given details, but will mean that by 2025 it will have two modular bases that will allow them to cover a wide range of electrical segments, from urban to the big SUVs.

An initiative that will have a close relationship with the battery production capacity of the suppliers, to which in 2023 will be added the own factories that the Group is preparing in Germany and Franc. Factories they hope will allow them to have a production of 32 GWh per year when they are auctioned, and will enable the creation of batteries for around 500,000 units per year.

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