Is Tesla a Threat to Oil Companies? Not for Shell, Which Continues the Unstoppable Expansion of its Electric Car Charging Network

There is a kind “danger” to the traditional fossil fuel business because of the advancement of technologies such as electric cars that was put on the table. Something that they customized in the growth of brands like Tesla. But on the other side, there are companies such as the Anglo-Dutch Shell, which three years ago has set to work to get on the wave and not stay stuck in the oil.

To this end, they began an ambitious diversification strategy that has included the purchase of the German home battery manufacturer Sonnen. Especially the company’s acquisition for the installation and operation of public recharging points NewMotion.

Shell has shared the latest data from this initiative that shows us the seriousness with which they have approached this transition. Celebrating this June the milestone of reaching no less than 150,000 recharging points installed and operating throughout 35 countries.

NewMotion’s goal is to make electromobility as economical and feasible as possible. Taking into account the results of their annual survey (45% of motorists blamed the lack of charging points for launching shopping, and 46% believe a denser network would improve their driving experience) it is clear that one of the main problems of the expansion of the electric car is in this infrastructure where Shell hopes to be able to offer in the short term a viable and safe alternative.

An expansive NewMotion dynamic is shown graphically with implementation data, taking ten years to reach 100,000 stations. But in 2019 alone, they have managed to launch 55,000 new stations. A sign that the network is gathering strength and the speed at which the electric car market is advancing.

One of NewMotion’s goals was to reduce the complexity of the process loading and to pay process. Avoiding having the client use different cards or dozens of applications. To do this, it has created a network of 200 collaborating companies that allow them to use their systems with the same form or card, making it easier to load more than 170,000 registered customers.

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