New Images of Electric Cars Prepared by Toyota. Two SUVs with a Version of Up to 7 Seats

Toyota’s first global electric cars will hit the market in 2021. An expected landing that will mark the debut of one of the most critical and influential manufacturers on the market, which until now had focused its efforts on hybrids. Soon they will leap to 100% electric systems, of which in the last few hours, we have known something more in terms of their aesthetic approach and size.

These images come from the Chinese patent office, where they have been leaked to the media and where we can see how Toyota will approach in its electric debut.

In this way, the Japanese would bet at first on a compact SUV, possibly about 4.7 meters long, which would be placed in one of the most potent segments worldwide. A rival to the Tesla Model Y, Jaguar iPace, and company.

This will feature a sharp and aggressive look on the front, with a more traditional look, following the back’s brand image. A set that, in the absence of knowing if it is the definitive or still a prototype, seems quite interesting.

Details such as mirrors are striking, with a minimal design that possibly responds to the fact that they are cameras instead of mirrors. An aerodynamic solution that is often lost in the prototype process to a commercial product. We also see details such as a hood with an opening, which reminds us of the Jaguar i-Pace, integrated door handles, and a roof that looks like glass and runs in two parts across the entire top of the vehicle.

The most surprising thing is the second model. Another SUV, but this time installed in the highest segment in terms of size. And it is that according to the information, it would be a larger model than the Audi E-Tron or the Tesla Model X, which leads us to measurements above five meters.

Inside we will find space for seven passengers, which given the dimensions, will foreseeably have more space than rivals such as the Tesla Model X itself. It should also have a larger boot.

We see, in this case, that cameras have also replaced the rearview mirrors, but instead of being located in the same space as the traditional mirrors, they have been located in the middle of the A-pillar. Compact cameras that can hardly be seen, and which they will undoubtedly help reduce aerodynamic friction.

An SUV with a very Toyota and very global design, that is possibly destined for the Chinese market, but that could certainly make a place for itself in the west.

The mechanical part is still pending confirmation, but according to Toyota, the platform that these and other models of the brand will use, e-TNGA, will allow the use of one or two electric motors. Each of which will range from 107 hp (80 kW) at 201 hp (150 kW) of power per axle.

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