BYTON’s Next Electric Car will be an Advanced Utility with Sliding Doors

Next year the Chinese brand BYTON will land in Europe with its first production model, the M-Byte electric SUV. At 4.85 meters long, this SUV will be characterized by its extensive technological equipment (it will have a massive 48-inch front screen that will occupy the entire dashboard) and an attractive starting price of 45,000 dollars.

After the M-Byte, BYTON plans to launch a sedan, the K-Byte, although there is no specific timetable for its arrival. Now, the patents of what will be the third model of the Chinese brand have been filtered: a small vehicle equipped with sliding rear doors and small “seagull wings” on the roof to facilitate access to the cabin.

The model can be purchased with both a traditional and an aeronautical-inspired steering wheel reminiscent of the K.I.T.T (The Fantastic Car) or the second-generation Tesla Roadster. The driving position will be central, and the interior will offer only three seats, as in the McLaren F1. On both sides of the wheel, we find two screens that will serve as rear-view mirrors.

The rear seats, on the other hand, are oriented towards the outside (although they may be rotatable and allow for a more conventional position). It is unclear whether the leaked vehicle is a prototype or a production model; However, given the peculiarities of the M-Byte, it would not be surprising if the design of the patent office arrives on the streets without too many modifications.

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