Tesla Cybertruck is Beating Well-Established Rivals to Market

By the end of 2021 several electric pickups trucks are expected to start production and deliveries, including the Tesla Cybertruck. Thanks to its price, features, and design it is a revolutionary vehicle. However, it is meeting a lot of rivals, such as the GMC Hummer EV. Although among its competitors, there is arguably no bigger rival to the Cybertruck than the Ford F-150 Electric; the EV version of America’s best-selling automobile. The Ford F-150 series has been the United States’ best selling vehicle for years. With challengers like Tesla and Rivian preparing to enter the pickup market, Ford has its plans to ensure that its place in the truck market is secure with the F-150 Electric. 

Not much information has been given about the release date for the F-150 Electric. The head of Ford’s Team Edison, Darren Palmer, previously stated that the automaker is looking to release the vehicle “before 2022.” A statement that suggested the F-150 Electric was scheduled for release in late 2021. However, a recent statement made by Ford CEO Jim Farley in a segment on CNBC said the Ford F-150 Electric will be launched around “mid-2022.”

Being first to break into a new automotive segment absolutely has its perks. The Model S for example became a huge success when it started rolling out in 2012. There were simply no cars like it in the full-sized sedan class with the same performance, tech, or size. All good news for the unique Tesla Cybertruck as the electric pickup market is the next big frontier for EVs. Considering that Tesla does not encounter delays with the Cybertruck, there is a good chance for the electric car maker to beat a well-established rival to arguably the biggest segment of the market in the United States. 

Tesla debuted the infamous Cybertruck on a livestream that shocked the internet with its futuristic design and direct call-out of Ford. Tesla is known to push a production version of its vehicles that is significantly better than its prototypes. The Cybertruck is no exception. The prototype already took the automotive world by storm and will almost certainly be even more impressive once it reaches production. 

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