Cheaper Parking In West Sussex For Electric Vehicle Owners

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Those with electric cars and vehicles in West Sussex will see the amount they’ll have to pay to park them slashed.

West Sussex County Council has reduced the cost of a parking permit for low-emissions vehicles by 25%.

The changes have been brought in to encourage more people in the county to switch to ‘green vehicles’ over petrol or diesel-powered models.

“The 25 per cent reduction for low-emission vehicles represents a contribution towards our Electric Vehicle Strategy and its overarching aims of reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality.

“The strategy sets out a long-term vision that will enable West Sussex residents, when travelling in a car or small van, to choose ultra-low emission vehicles and travel in a carbon-neutral way.”

Councillor Roger Elkins, cabinet member for highways and infrastructure, West Sussex County Council

In line with the Government’s criteria for vehicles that qualify for the home charge grant, a low emission vehicle that qualified for a discounted permit would be classified as Category 1 – Cars with CO2 emissions of less than 50g/km and can travel at least 112km (70 miles) without any emissions at all.

Other changes are also being brought in to permits across the county, with many groups now able to purchase half-yearly permits to park instead of yearly ones.

These apply to Resident, Non-Resident, Healthcare, Carer, Countywide, Trader and Doctor permits. 

They will be priced slightly more than the yearly ones in order to cover administration costs.

A standard charge has also been introduced for hotel permits in Worthing Zone Z only,  to bring consistency and improve the operation of the Worthing Controlled Parking Zone.

Permits are purchased by the hotels in Zone Z and handed out to guests. They can be daily or for half a day.

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