Video: The electric Tesla Cybertruck imagined as a hard core military vehicle

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The all-conquering, mighty Tesla Cybertruck could quite be the military vehicle if one wants it to be. That too with the least modifications. 

The Tesla Cybertruck is just wonderful, ain’t it? It makes one want to own it right away. Apart from the mishap that happened during its presentation, the Cybertruck will have many eating out of its hands. The said mishap was when the truck demo was being held and one of the salient points discussed was its shatter-proof glass. Well, the so-called shatter-proof glass actually broke when a steel ball was thrown at it. That aside, a creative bloke went ahead and imagined the Cybertruck as a military combat vehicle. The exact reverse of the legendary Hummer then? Not still because this is just a render. The US army has always been keen about getting electric vehicles into its fold. This could perhaps be the right time?

For starters, the shell of the vehicle itself will need minimum modifications. It is after all made of Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel. So much, and thankfully for that, a hard hammer hit didn’t even put a scratch on the door panels during the aforementioned demonstration. Jan Peisert from Electric Future Youtube channel, a car designer by profession is the one who has had this amazing vision. There are solar panels on top of one of the version. Plus the extra armour weighing around 1,300kg is something that could easily be taken on the Cybertruck’s chassis. Veritable enough!

The solar panels that will be put on the military Cybertruck will ensure that the combat vehicle remains as self-sufficient as possible. The 406mm ground clearance is also up to military standards. Jan consulted various military operation experts and the like for this. He thinks runflat tyres will make more sense given the terrain the Cybertruck will have to traverse as well. Surveillance units and other military-grade equipment can easily be imagined onto this truck.

Enough of the talks. Take a look below to see what we were yapping about for so long.

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