Would You Get A Polestar 2 Instead Of A Tesla Model 3 If You Live In Europe?

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According to Polestar, their ‘2’ is not quite like every other fully electric sedan out there. The Swedish brandis touting the 2’s driving dynamics and connectivity, saying that it was engineered to be agile and responsive, while respecting Volvo’s safety philosophy.

The Polestar 2 will go on sale in Europe next month, with a starting price of 58,800 euros ($63,800) in Germany for the Launch Edition.

However, it’s the Tesla Model 3 that’s taken the crown as Europe’s top-selling electric car, which means Polestar will have their work cut out if they’re hoping to convince Tesla customers to give up on their Model 3 and opt for a Swedish-branded, China-built car.

Power comes from a 78 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, working alongside 150 kW electric motors (one per axle), for a combined equivalent of 402 HP (408 PS) and 660 Nm (487 lb-ft) of torque. The chassis meanwhile was fine-tuned to deliver “what we call the ‘golden ride’”, said the brand’s lead chassis engineer, Joakim Rydholm.

The ‘2’ is also the first production car to boast Google’s Android Automotive for its infotainment system, which doesn’t rely on an external device to mirror, unlike Android Auto (or Apple CarPlay for that matter).

Like Tesla, the Swedish company has also opted to sell its cars online with the so-called Polestar Spaces, the first of which opened in Oslo, Norway, with more planned across Europe and the U.S. Polestar owners will be able to use Volvo’s dealer network for repairs and servicing, as reported by Autonews Europe.

The goal for Polestar is to sell about 100,000 vehicles per year, and the ‘2’ will play a pivotal role in that scheme, even with future models currently in the pipeline, like the Polestar 3 mid-size SUV and two other undisclosed nameplates.

Upper hand in Europe?

Not all buyers in Europe can benefit from easy servicing if they purchase a Tesla. In fact, owners in certain countries need to drive hundreds or even 1,000+ km just to get to the nearest authorized Tesla service center.

Since Polestar owners can simply use Volvo’s dealer network for repairs, opting for a ‘2’ instead of a Model 3 might be a more practical choice, depending on which European country you reside in.

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