“Elon Musk And I Have A Lot In Common” – Stefanos Tsitsipas

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If we were to think about who Stefanos Tsitsipas would have a lot in common with, we would naturally think of a tennis player. This is not true according to Tsitsipas. He believes he has a lot in common with a person from an entirely different field – Elon Musk. Check out why he feels this way.

Stefanos Tsitsipas And Elon Musk

The above video was a reply to Ashlee Vance, the author of Elon Musk’s Biography. In the video, Stefanos talks about how he read the biography quite a few times and thanks Ashlee for writing it. He then went on to talk about the things he shares in common with Elon Musk. He said,

“The things we share in common are our insanity, our ideas, and wanting to reach out to as many people as possible. globally. We want to go to the unorthodox way, a different way than the so-called traditional way.”

Stefanos went on to say that Elon Musk has invented the things that were all an idea before he made it a reality. According to him, you can call Elon Musk catastrophic or a genius but he is definitely an interesting person.

Stefanos Tsitsipas is exactly what tennis needs,' says former ...

This statement from Stefanos Tsitsipas would have come as a surprise for most people. We all would have expected him to have a lot in common with a tennis player since he is one. But he doesn’t which should serve as an example that you do not have to be in the same field to have a lot in common with someone.

In the video, Stefanos talked about going on a different path. We don’t know what he means by this but he probably means his path to the top of tennis. If he really does mean this, it would be really interesting to know how his path is different.

Whatever path Stefanos Tsitsipas is on, we all know that he will one day reach the top. He is one of the best players of the ATP Tour and when the Tour returns in July, we can expect him to win some major titles.

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