Tesla Model 3 China

Rumor: Tesla Prepares Low-Cost Version of the Model 3 Long Range in China

The increase in the production capacity of the Tesla plants is leading the American manufacturer to assess options to expand the offer with the “currently available ingredients.” This will allow Tesla to launch cheaper versions with little investment. The latest rumors indicate that the carmaker is working in China on an accessible version of the Model 3 Long Range. The price of which will undoubtedly give much to talk about.

As we recall, a few weeks ago, Tesla introduced the rear-wheel-drive versions of the Model 3 Long Range. A variant that at the time was the first to hit the market, but which has subsequently been replaced in the United States and Europe by the Dual Motor. A somewhat cheaper alternative that allows Chinese consumers to access a Long-Range from around $49,000 before public aid.

Now we know that Tesla is preparing an even cheaper option within the version with a higher capacity battery, another Long Range. Some of the accessories, such as the basic Autopilot, the heating in the second row of seats, the mats, and the hi-fi sound system, will be replaced by a cheaper one or will be are eliminated.

The result will be a rear-wheel-drive Model 3 Long Range priced something around $42,000 before aid and may be lower than $40,000 after applying government incentives that it will be available thanks to its local production.

This new version is expected to be presented on May 1, with deliveries starting in June. An exciting alternative for those looking for a cheaper option, but without giving up the autonomy that at the time reached 523 km under the demanding American EPA cycle, and whose configuration each client can adapt to their needs and budget, being able to select for example Autopilot, paying only for its activation.

It remains to be seen on this matter whether Tesla will enable two tranches, with a basic Autopilot as a form of access, or it will be necessary to pay for the full Autopilot, which according to Chinese prices, would mean adding another 8.000 dollars to the invoice.

A movement of great importance that will lower the access price of the range of a Tesla determined to continue expanding its sales in a significant year for the brand, both for its new phase of expansion and for the emergence of the coronavirus that threatens the entire sector and what Americans have reacted to with this new option for their clients.

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