Polestar Precept

Polestar Precept: A Spectacular Electric Sedan

The Precept is a concept intended to mark the roadmap in terms of design. A proposal that puts on the table that in a few years the technical aspect of the vehicles will be equal, and everything will be decided in extremes as the emotional side to which Polestar wants to appeal with this striking model.

The brand wants to indicate that we are not facing a future proposal, but a project that will have an impact on the range in the short term. A model with a minimalist appearance, four doors, four seats, and where the particular emphasis has been placed on aspects such as aerodynamics.

In addition to being extremely attractive, and possibly very fast, the Precept will feature an autonomous driving system. It will use LIDAR technology, whose sensor will be located on the ceiling and under glass protection. A position that the brand classifies as the location to achieve optimal visibility.

To all this add the commitment to sustainability in its manufacture. Inside we find new sustainable materials that strike a balance between quality and reduced environmental impact. Bcomp’s linen-based composites for interior panels and seat backs offer significant improvements over conventional materials, including up to 50% weight savings and up to 80% reduction in plastic waste.

An interior where the driver will find the new generation of the HMI infotainment system, powered by Android, developed in collaboration with Google. A system that can be controlled from a 15-inch central touch screen, which is complemented by a second screen facing the driver with a 12.5-inch surface. As well as two panels joined by an illuminated strip that covers the entire interior.

The instrument panel also houses a variety of smart sensors. Solutions as futuristic as eye tracking will allow the car to control the driver’s gaze and adjust the content of the various screens accordingly. Proximity sensors also improve the usability of the center display when driving.

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