Porsche Traykan

Porsche Traykan: A Graphic Artist Creates a Porsche Pick Up

The graphic artist Adel Bouras designed a fantastic Porsche Pick Up Truck, a brand that never had one before. It is named Traykan, just because it is inspired by the well-know model Taycan.

Porsche itself probably won´t create a concept or even bring one to the real world, since the Taycan Cross Turismo that will come next year. 

According to Motor 1, the rendered creation got: “A single piece of glass creates the windshield and roof. There’s a blade-like styling element that connects the smooth features of the front cabin to the more-angular bed, the wheel wells get a rugged plastic treatment, and if you look at the wheels themselves, they’re not like anything Porsche currently offers in its lineup. The two-tone black-and-yellow finish, though, is extremely cool.”

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