Tesla Model Y’s First Off-Road Test. How Does the “Off-Road” Mode Work?

Tesla introduced a new feature along with the launch of the Model Y: the “Off-Road Assist,” which adjusts traction control to give the vehicle better performance off-road. When activated, some security systems, such as automatic emergency braking and lane-keeping system, as well as Autopilot, are deactivated.

The YouTube channel Out of Spec Motoring, which has already tested some Tesla models previously, made a teste with the new feature. When performing a bridge crossing, for example, the ESP sends power to the correct wheels (those that are in contact with the ground), simulating the operation of a differential lock.

The channel manager stated that thanks to the “Off-Road Assist,” the Model Y has an off-road behavior superior to that of other Tesla. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that the model is still a simple SUV.

All in all, in the brief video published by Out of Spec Motoring we can see one of the great advantages of off-road electric cars: their high instantaneous torque, which gives them the necessary strength to advance through difficult terrain without the need for gearboxes. Besides, you should not lose sight of other advantages such as the rigidity of the batteries and their low center of gravity.

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