Harley-Davidson LiveWire Covers 1,723 Kilometers in Less Than 24 hours

A Harley-Davidson LiveWire has just broken the 24-hour distance record for an electric motorcycle. The vehicle was able to cover a total of 1,723 km (1,070 miles) in only 23 hours and 48 minutes. Quite an achievement considering that electric motorcycles today are not characterized by having particularly high autonomies or power refuel as quickly as gasoline vehicles. However, the Harley-Davidson LiveWire has a fast-charging system in direct current, which allows it to recover 80% of its autonomy in about 40 minutes (to reach 100% it takes 60 minutes).

The Swiss pilot Michel von Tell did this journey, with intensive use of fast charging, making quick stops to charge for around 25 minutes. Von Tell left Zurich, Switzerland, and traveled about 200 km until reaching Stuttgart, Germany. Then he went another 150 km until he reached Singen, still in Germany, and his final destination was Ruggell at Lichtenstein.

Unfortunately, Von Tell’s record will not be recorded in the Guinness World Records book, since he has not paid the high fee of having the organization’s staff recording the attempt, nor did he have the extensive recording material required for these cases. All in all, he did hand over the signatures of a series of witnesses who monitored his record, which at least for the time being will remain unofficial.

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