Tesla Begins Work to Increase the Production Rate of Shanghai Gigafactory 3 to 250,000 Units Annually

According to a series of documents submitted to the Shanghai local government, Tesla is already working to increase the production capacity of Gigafactory 3 to 250,000 units per year. The initial objective was to manufacture some 150,000 Model 3s a year, a rate that will be reached throughout 2020. Although in the second phase, Tesla wants to reach 250,000 units, including the manufacture of the new Model Y.

The production of the electric SUV will begin in the Asian factory in 2021 (currently it is produced exclusively in Fremont, although later on, Shanghai Gigafactory 3, Berlin’s Gigafactory 4, and a fifth Gigafactory that Tesla will open shortly in the center will be joined from the United States to produce both the Cybertruck and the Model Y units destined for the east coast of the country).

Reports, to which Reuters has had access, indicate that Tesla is already building a new stamping line, thanks to which the body’s production capacity of the Chinese plant will increase significantly. It is interesting to remember that the Model Y is currently manufactured from four large parts. This system will allow Tesla to save on production costs and streamline the vehicle manufacturing process.

In addition to the new stamping line, the documents also reflect Tesla’s intention to add additional lines to manufacture electric motors and battery packs at the plant. The objective of Tesla in the short term is to ensure that 100% of the parts used in Gigafabrica 3 come from local suppliers, which will allow an exciting cost-saving.

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