Porsche Admits It’s Hard to Build Smaller Cars Due to the High Weight of the Batteries

Michael Steiner, head of R&D at Porsche, has confirmed in a recent interview that the electric versions of the 718 range (Cayman and Boxster) have not yet received a green light due to the problems posed by the extra weight of the batteries.

According to Steiner, the Taycan (the brand’s first 100% electric model) feels right to the company’s values when driving, but transmitting that personality to sports models is becoming more difficult. This is the reason why the next 100% electric Porsche car will be the second generation of the Macan SUV. Steiner says the 718 electric project is still active, although far from its arrival in production.

What Porsche does have is clear that its legendary sports 911 will not become at least 100% electric until 2030. However, it is expected that the restyling of the current generation (992) includes a plug-in hybrid variant similar to the one proposed by Cayenne and Panamera, as the platform has been designed to house this type of powertrain.

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