Porsche Follows the Example of Tesla with the Deployment of More Than 1,000 Charging Points

Porsche has confirmed the excellent progress of its own “Destination charging” program, which has already installed 1,035 charging points in 20 different countries. A network that they hope will continue to grow this year until reaching 2,000 points by the end of the year.

The “destination charging” program is available in all markets where Porsche offers plug-in hybrid models and electric cars. In Europe, the offer extends from Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and some markets in Eastern Europe. However, a dense network of charging stations in other countries such as Brazil will also be established with “Porsche Destination Charging.”

Porsche delivers for free up to 4 points of 11 kW each. The power that will allow us to recover about 60 kilometers according to the model for every hour connected. The company has to take care of the installation and its consumption. In return, these manage to put into operation at low cost an infrastructure that serves as an attraction for a client type with a high purchasing power and incidentally increase the possibilities of recharging the customers of a plug-in Porsche.

Some points that are compatible with all vehicles on the market equipped with Type 2 socket, which have a 4.5-meter cable and a reasonably attractive design that are undoubtedly an excellent solution to facilitate the movements of customers who, during their stops can recover part of the charge of your batteries for free.

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