8HP Citroën AMI: A Tiny Electric Urban with 70 Kilometers of Autonomy

Citroën has just presented the new AMI, a two-seater electric quadricycle that will begin sales at the end of the year. This vehicle will rival the Renault Twizy and SEAT Minimó and will start marketing at the end of the year in France.

The vehicle will arrive in other European markets in mid-2021 and may be driven by minors from the age of 16, as it is considered a moped. Its maximum autonomy will be 70 km per charge thanks to the use of a tiny 5.5 kWh battery, while its top speed will be limited to 30 miles per hour. The car will take just three hours to charge in a domestic outlet fully.

In addition to the classic mode of purchase, Citroën will also offer the possibility of renting the vehicle for a very reduced cost: 19.99 euros per month after the entry of 2,644 euros. The rental contract will have a minimum duration of two years and is compared by Citroën with the rate of a mobile line. Possibly this modality is the most demanded of its affordability.

The Citroën AMI is a tiny vehicle, barely 2.41 meters long. Its width is 1.39 meters, while its height is 1.52 meters. Despite this, the quadricycle enjoys an excellent habitability thanks to the square shapes of the body. In front of its biggest rival, the Renault Twizy proposes a completely enclosed passenger compartment.

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