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Rivian Brings Open House Tour to L.A., Miami, and Other Cities Around US

The Rivian Open House tour is being expanded this year, sharing the opportunity for people from L.A., Miami, New York, Boulder, Chicago, and Detroit to have an up-close look at the automaker new cars: R1T and R1S.

Rivian’s costumers that hold reservations or interested buyers were notified about the upcoming events. This tour shows how Rivian is playing its marketing game, increasing the number of potential costumers around the US. All the events during the tour allows anyone to have a close contact with company’s executive, such as the CEO RJ Scaringe.

Normally events like these show new specs or car colors, besides giving the opportunity to get a closer look. The R1T will introduce to the market a new vision about electric vehicles since it will be a very cost electric truck in the market. The vehicle appeal to the outdoors enthusiastic group, 750 horsepower, and +400 miles range with a very sophisticated look.

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