Tesla Achieves its Best Position in the Consumer Reports Quality and Satisfaction Ranking

Every year the magazine of the United States Consumer Association, Consumer Reports, publishes the results of its analysis of the different vehicles of the North American market. A summary of 2020, where Tesla has managed to climb to position number 11, the best figure achieved by the California manufacturer and denoting the constant improvement in their vehicles.

The result of the scores takes into account aspects such as mechanical reliability, owner satisfaction, and scores achieved in road tests. The result has been an enormous leap forward by Tesla that, as a brand, goes from 19 to 11, which has allowed it to overcome Toyota.

Aspects analyzed for the ranking include:
• Road tests that score the final result after 50 different tests on each vehicle
• Reliability is based on the problems reported by CR members and partners based on 17 various aspects
• Customer satisfaction that is known through the survey that CR does among the partners, and conducted in different regions
• Security systems, where the results of the impact tests are included, and where the extras that each vehicle incorporates are added

Rank of Consumer Reports

This is according to Consumer Reports, a reflection of constant improvement in the product that has allowed Tesla to leave behind an era of technical advances, but very upgraded finishes, and that has allowed adding two of its three models among the recommendations for the purchase.

Tesla achieved excellent results in dynamic driving tests and that evolves continuously in terms of the finishes and manufacturing quality of its vehicles, which results in a constant escalation of positions among the most recommended brands by both Experts, as per your customers. Two critical factors for any manufacturer.

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