The Lucid Air will Have a 110 kWh Battery, an Autonomy of More Than 400 miles

The startup Lucid Motor has taken a new step forward with the final presentation of the characteristics of its spectacular electric sedan. A model that will begin its production and deliveries later this year and that these days are being shown for the first time to the first customers.

One of the main novelties is that finally, the battery will not have the 130 kWh that had been announced at first, and the pack will be 110 kWh. But despite this difference, the performance of the Air will not be reduced as it will also reduce the weight. Squeeze this capacity thanks to a 900V system that will allow you to take 8 kilometers per kWh consumed so that you would place it ahead of the Tesla Model 3 at the efficiency level. This also improved the figures of the new Model Y, which achieves 6.6 km per kWh.

Thanks to the 110 kWh the Air will be able to exceed 400 miles of autonomy with each load that will allow it, in the absence of official figures under the EPA cycle, to place itself above the new Tesla Model S Long Range Plus, which reaches 380 miles EPA. Later versions with less capacity, less autonomy, and more attractive prices will arrive.

Initially, Lucid will only sell the most expensive versions of the Air, which will have a starting price of about 100,000 dollars. However, it is planned that later on, more economical ones will be added that will be around 60,000 dollars.

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