Tesla Receives an Order to Stop the Cutting of the Trees Where the German Gigafactory Will be Located

A German court ordered Tesla on Sunday to stop the cleaning of the land where Gigafactory 4 will be located near Berlin. A new setback for a crucial project that is encountering more bureaucratic problems than expected, putting at risk the deadlines set by the American manufacturer to put this facility into operation in 2021.

The court responds to a lawsuit filed by several environmental groups and neighbors of the future facility, who have shown their rejection of a project that will take 92 hectares of trees ahead, and according to them, puts the water supply of the zone. A battle that has raised a great controversy in Germany where different sectors have put this case as an example of the slowness and bureaucratic barriers faced by companies that want to settle in Germany, and that can be a danger for future decisions.

At the moment, according to the information from the German media, the blockade of logging may take effect until tomorrow, Tuesday, February 18. However, objections for other reasons may be filed until March 5. If this happens, Tesla can continue with its plans to start production lines from July 2021. A factory that will have a maximum capacity of 500,000 units per year, and that in addition to vehicles will also have a production facility for batteries.

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