Hyundai 45 EV Concept: A Retro-Design Compact

During the last Frankfurt Motor Show, Hyundai presented the 45 EV Concept: a prototype that paid tribute to the legendary Hyundai Pony.

With the start of its sales scheduled for 2021, the new Hyundai model will become one of the biggest rivals of the Volkswagen ID.3. Despite not being an SUV, the new “Pony” will have a crossover aesthetic, with a slightly increased height (probably to accommodate the batteries in the low without affecting the habitability of the car).

Made in South Korea, the “Pony” is expected to reach international markets, including the U.S. and Europe. Thus, it will become the third 100% electric model of Hyundai in the old continent after the IONIQ Electric and Kona Eléctrico. However, it will not use an adapted thermal platform, but a new architecture developed specifically for electric cars.

This modular electric platform, which will be released by the production version of the Imagine by KIA saloon, will be used later in numerous electric vehicles of the Hyundai group (Hyundai, KIA, Genesis). Thanks to the new model, Hyundai can more easily overcome the fines stipulated for those manufacturers that do not comply with the new European Union anti-pollution regulations.

Although nothing is confirmed yet, it is expected that the new model goes one step further than the electric vehicles currently sold by Hyundai. Thus, there is a possibility that the “Pony” uses a more substantial capacity battery than the largest pack presently used in the Electric Kona (64 kWh). Nor would it be ruled out that the model could reach or even exceed 500 km WLTP of autonomy. Also, it is expected that it can equip an all-wheel-drive system thanks to the use of an electric motor per axle.

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