Cagiva Confirms it will Return to the Market with a Range of Economic Electric Motorcycles

Instead of high-performance motorcycles, Italian Cagiva will invest in electric bikes, especially opting for low-power urban models and competitive prices.

According to rumors, these models will have a 4 kW engine, which will allow them to move with some ease between urban traffic. An orientation that will also mean not having to install a large capacity battery, being around 4 or 6 kWh. Enough to travel about 80 or 90 kilometers in real conditions.

It remains to be known in addition to the final features, also which segment these models will occupy. If they are placed in the scooters, or else Cagiva will maintain its brand image with models with a sports and trail bikes appearance. Although the objective of reducing costs and low benefits seems to indicate in the direction of the first option.

Some models that may be competitive should not exceed 3,000 or 4,000 euros in price, which would undoubtedly be much more interesting than the slightly more than 6,000 euros that Piaggio asks for his modest electric Vespa. Costs that could ideally occur since we talk about a product that still has a year ahead to reach the market and resurrect a brand that began manufacturing motorcycles in 1978 and will return from the hand of the most modern technology in 2021

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