Tesla Shows the First Image of the Production Model Y

Tesla has just published the first official image of the Model Y production, as well as a series of snapshots of the model manufacturing line at the Fremont plant. The first change concerning the initial prototypes is the removal of the chrome from the body. Otherwise, very slight touch-ups have been introduced in front of the car. However, in general, the design of the prototypes shown last year has been maintained.

The images of the factory, on the other hand, show us that the car is being manufactured from large metal parts. This seems to be the first step in the plan that Elon Musk announced at the time of using a large casting machine to create the body of the vehicle from a single piece of aluminum instead of using several stamped steel parts welded together. Tesla will also replace almost all vehicle wiring with a flexible circuit, which will allow the company a significant cost reduction.

The Tesla Model Y will begin its deliveries in the United States in March. Its autonomy under the American homologation cycle EPA, very realistic, is 507 km per load for both the Long Range Dual Motor version and the performance.


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