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China Will Create Standards for Battery Exchange Processes

In the past, several electric car manufacturers explored battery changes as an alternative to ultra-fast charging. This method, consisting of replacing the depleted pack with another battery with a full charge in just a few minutes thanks to a highly automated station, was tested by Renault with its Fluence Z.E. It was also tested by Tesla with the Model S.

The Chinese-born brand NIO has built several rapid battery exchange stations in their home country. The Chinese government has decided to create a series of standards for battery replacement because it sees good prospects for this solution, which allows very short “refueling” times compared to the current ultra-fast charge.

During the recession in the Chinese car market, it seems that the government now wants to continue reducing subsidies for electric cars, opting to “guide” the development of these types of vehicles. In the words of the corresponding ministry: “As a next step, we will optimize development conditions, guide companies to improve battery replacement technology, promote the formation of a more mature business model and further improve the convenience of using alternative vehicles.”

Without common standards, customers are dedicated to exclusively using the battery change stations of a particular company. However, thanks to these measures of the Chinese government, third companies devoted to the exchange of batteries for electric cars may appear.
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