Los Angeles is Committed to Having a Fleet of 100% Electric Vehicles in Public Sanitation

In the next two years, the city of Los Angeles will only purchase electric vehicles for its sanitation service through LASAN, The Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation. It intends to convert the total fleet to electric by 2035.

Director Enrique Zaldivar made this statement so that the city is committed to improving the quality of life and caring for the environment.

“Committing to and pursuing a zero-emission refuse truck fleet… sends a strong signal to everyone in and around Los Angeles that the Bureau of Sanitation cares about the well-being of our people, the air and the planet” the partner organizations wrote.

The useful life of each truck in its current fleet is approximately eight years. The first electric trucks that will arrive will be 10% of the existing fleet, with LASAN having 750 vehicles today.

The city is still looking for electric truck manufacturers to put its plan into practice; Mack, BYD, Mercedes-Daimler, and Peterbilt began to offer their trucks to the city.


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