Audi: Let It Go With e-Tron

The British actress Maisie Williams ‘escapes’ into a cleaner future aboard the Audi e-Tron Sportback accompanied by the theme ‘Let It Go’ from the movie ‘Frozen.’

Sven Schuwirth, Head of the Audi Brand, commented on the new ad:
“The biggest night in American football and one of the last truly live global television events, serves as the perfect moment to share our strategic path toward sustainable premium mobility with a worldwide audience. Maisie Williams is the perfect representative of how consumers are increasingly choosing and advocating for more sustainable transportation options. As a creative innovator, she perfectly embodies millions of peoples’ desires to make the transition to an electric future.”

The Q4 e-Tron, a D-SUV based on the Volkswagen MEB modular platform, is expected to be launched this year. This vehicle will be the brother of the Volkswagen ID.4X, although it will differ by its premium approach. Initially, the SUV will be available with a 58 kWh battery and a 77 kWh battery (the same packs that the intermediate and high-end Volkswagen ID.3 will use).

It has been announced that Audi will open e-Tron GT reserves in Austria during November. The vehicle is expected to be officially launched to the market in January 2021, although the first units will not reach their owners until autumn of that year.

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