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GM Detroit-Hamtramck Plant Declared All-electric

GM’s storied Detroit-Hamtramck plant works for more than 35 years, and more than 4 million vehicles have been built over this time. GM declares that from now on it will produce only pure battery-electric models of a size and shape most favored by American consumers.

Mark Reuss, GM president, said that “This investment helps ensure that Michigan will remain at the epicenter of the global automotive industry as we continue our journey to an electrified future” and completed by saying “Our offering won’t be just one pickup. This is architected to be scalable and news for multiple brands, with multiple variants, with multiple customers and will offer different ranges of performance at different price points to meet customers, wherever they are. If the customer wants a basic package we will have that. If the customer wants true off-road capability and towing capability, we will have that. Our electric pickup will do everything that customers want a pick up to do, and much, much more. Whether or not we’re the first on the market, I don’t know, but I am confident that we will be the best on the market for sure. And that’s just the beginning, we’ll be introducing multiple models a year as market-responsive as anyone in this business can be. In fact, we will beat and be more agile than many that have shown things in the past, our electric vehicle program is unmatched in the industry in terms of our combination of advanced technology, flexibility, speed, and scale.”

By 2023 the automaker expects to be delivering vehicles, including some electric trucks that are to come!
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